Attention graduating seniors of all abilities!

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The Friendship Journey’s President, Samantha Novick, wins 2020 WPLG LIFEchanger Award, which recognizes a “hometown hero who has made a positive impact at a pivotal point in someone’s life.”


At The Friendship Journey, we nourish these inclusive friendships, sowing threads into the fabric of a kinder and more empathetic community.
By sharing the path with our friends, the journey becomes more fulfilling for all of us.

Inclusive Programs

The Friendship Journey’s inclusive programs provide opportunities for children, teens and young adults of all physical and cognitive abilities to enjoy extracurricular activities while forming authentic connections. Local professionals and organizations serve as our wonderful Program Directors in their areas of expertise.

Inclusive Experiences

In addition to our inclusive programs that take place through recurring sessions, we also host and support inclusive experiences that occur as one-day events throughout the year. To amplify these experiences, we often team up with local businesses, individuals and organizations in our community to provide a variety of unique, inclusive opportunities.