Julia & Kayla

Meet Julia and Kayla! It didn’t take long to discover this duo’s favorite Camp Wings of Friendship activity—dance! 

Julia and Kayla were first introduced in February 2019. Julia says she quickly felt connected to Kayla through their shared love of dance. At CWOF last summer, Julia’s favorite session was Kayla’s weekly dance class. Attendees would often request songs, and the classes were filled with warm-ups, short routines, and fun games. Every class was like a party!

Julia recalls loving to dance with her sister when they were younger, and her favorite song to dance to is “The Time of My Life,” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. She enjoys music, writing essays and songs, and is learning to play the guitar. English is her favorite subject, and she is currently in her final year at Broward College. 

Kayla teaches and competes with the Dance Theatre of Heron Bay in Coral Springs. Her favorite competition style is contemporary, and her favorite genre to teach is musical theater. She also instructs a class for dancers of all abilities. A recent high school graduate, Kayla will soon be pursuing a health sciences and disability studies degree with plans to become an all-ability doctor.

Kayla says that camp has brought more friends into her life than she couldn’t have imagined, and she appreciates how participants are allowed to show their true personalities. She says, “Campers and counselors alike are surrounded by supportive people, and everyone can be authentic about their emotions.” Julia agrees and adds, “You feel like part of a family. You can talk about good times and bad times, and you don’t have to be afraid.” Through camp, she has felt inspired and enjoys celebrating important milestones with fellow campers like birthdays and other special achievements.

This dynamic and FUN duo would love to see you at CWOF this summer!

The pair had each been friends with Parkland victim and fellow dancer, Jaime Guttenberg. They continue to honor her memory through the joy of movement and music.